Catharine A. Dombrowski, CPA, EA, PFS, Financial Advisor






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 It's not just what we do, it's how we do it.









At Dombrowski Wealth Management, we believe in service beyond expectation, achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill the evolving needs of our clients in all areas of Wealth Management.  Our experience and expertise with Wealth Management adds value at each step in the process. We are dedicated to pushing the limits of excellence, to stand at the forefront of providing the most comprehensive Wealth Management services available.



Our practice is built upon a comprehensive approach to Wealth Management, focusing on 10 Key Wealth Management Issues that our clients are likely to face at some point in their lives.



Because no two clients are the same, we are committed to individually knowing our clients well enough that we can help them anticipate when each Wealth Management Issue will become a priority.  This process also allows us to proactively provide our clients with ideas, suggestions and alternatives that need to be considered for each issue.



We have various fee-based investment platforms that are managed by tactical asset managers who have the discipline to sell and buy an investment at a strategic time to ensure the fund sticks with its stated goals and objectives.  



These portfolios can be customized to the risk tolerance you feel comfortable with, and you can change your portfolio at any time should you choose to increase or decrease your potential for return on investment by structuring your new portfolio with more or less risk, based on your answers to your Risk Profile Questionnaire.